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Silent Hill- TBA Title

Title: TBA
Character: Lisa Garland
Rating: PG
Notes: A small fic about Lisa and the events partaking in Silent Hill.

I get it now. Why I'm still alive even though everyone else is dead.Collapse )

Supernatural - Boy King

Title: Boy King
Character: Sam Winchester
Rating: PG-13
Notes: What if Sam decided to give into his dark side?

He used to be such a good boyCollapse )
Title: Finding a Friend in Need
Table: Here
Prompt: Drunk
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam Winchester is drunk, but instead of being happy, he's rather melancholy and dwells on his dark life.
Warnings: Some spoilers for season two.

He found a friend in needCollapse )
Title: A Rock and A Hard Place
Table: Here
Prompt: Injured
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sam Winchester gets beat up a lot, but this is probably the worst he's sustained.

All he remembers is the monstrous figure...Collapse )
Title: College Sweethearts
Table: Here
Prompt: Love
Rating: PG-13
Summary: How Sam Winchester came to meet and fall in love with Jessica Moore.
Warnings: Some light smut.

He was in loveCollapse )

Silent Hill - Trapped

Who: Henry Townshend - "Silent Hill"
What: Henry begins to crack from being locked inside his apartment for three days only to find that his means of escape is a dream.

In my restless dreams.Collapse )

Resident Evil - Search and Rescue

Who: Leon S. Kennedy - "Resident Evil"
What: Leon goes to find Ashley after she once again disappears from his site.

Once again, you've entered into a nightmare. Good luck.Collapse )

Constantine - Cigarette Burns

Who: John Constantine - "Hellblazer Film"
What: John only has a short time left on Earth and because of this, he resents it greatly.

He seeks redemption.Collapse )

Ghost Ship - Sin

Who: Jack Ferriman - "Ghost Ship"
What: Jack reflects on his current occupation and the joy it has brought him.

You're just as guilty as the next.Collapse )

Supernatural - Nightmares

Who: Sam Winchester - "Supernatural"
What: Sam's dreams are haunting him.

These dreams aren't dreams, they're nightmares.Collapse )